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Aircraft Trails - Cover Shot In addition to being a photographer, I'm also a writer. (By the way, this 'Airways' magazine cover shot won a 1994 APEX Award of Excellence - it was shot with a Pentax 645 camera.)

My byline has been published in 'Airways' (the official magazine of Airways Corporation of New Zealand) , is regularly seen in 'Contraband', (the official magazine of New Zealand Customs Service), and I've written many features for a range of newspapers and publications.

One of my specialties is technical writing, with subjects covering everything from natural disasters, through aviation, to insurance. I've also done human interest pieces, and have written many marketing brochures, produced press and electronic media advertising, and developed communications plans and strategies... but more on that in the Public Relations and Marketing section.

Need someone for a writing assignment? E-mail me now for more information, or check out some samples:

  • "Learning Kobe's Lessons"
  • "Keeping Her Head Above Water"

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