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Warbirds prop cover shot Another one of my photos that is totally unrelated to the section it's in... except I drank some very good Italian red the night before I took this shot, and had a bottle of fine Kiwi wine that evening. Funny how things do connect if you try really hard!

Favourite wines for me are reds, although champagne (and other good methode) goes down well too. As does port. And the occasional white. OK, you've got me. I like wine - in moderate quantities as I don't like hangovers (or maybe it's that they don't like me?). Mind you, I sometimes forget to stop at moderate!

General recommendations are just about anything from Te Mata vineyards, and some of the Martinborough pinot noirs (Dry River and Ata Rangi are always excellent). Next time I try a really good (or bad!) bottle I'll review it for you and add it to this section.

As a wise person once said: "If you like it, drink it."

Check out these tasting notes

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